From compact mini bouquets to wild field bouquets in XXL size. With Sun Up’s cheerful flowers, you can vary endlessly.

A cheerful all-rounder

With its compact flower shape, Sun Up is a true all-rounder. This flower can be combined effortlessly with other seasonal flowers. So you can keep things varied! No matter how you incorporate them, the cheerful white-and-yellow flowers will always stand out. They also look stunning solo: just put a few Sun Up stems in a vase. Instant happiness guaranteed.

Pastel power

Sun Up’s white-and-yellow flowers are reminiscent of tiny suns. You can use them in any way you like. Try combining Sun Up with soft pastels, such as pale yellow, lilac or pink. The result is very airy, spring-like and on trend. It works really well for Easter and Spring, but also for all other days when you could do with some extra sunshine in your home. Sun Up is great at livening things up!

“The most cheerful chrysanthemum around: Sun Up. Put them in small vases or use them in an XXL bouquet!”

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