With Chrysanhemum Sun Up, you can add a splash of sunshine to any bouquet in no time at all. This cheerful Santini really goes with everything. Just give it a try!

 Always sun
White and yellow: it is this classic colour combination that lends Sun Up its sunny look. Let this Santini shine in (field) bouquets, arrangements for business purposes and even in bridal bouquets. For a surprising effect, try putting a Sun Up mono bouquet in a vase. It will lift your mood!

Sun Up’s flower shape is beautifully compact. With a little imagination, the flowers may remind you of eggs. And so they deserve a place in spring flower arrangements and Easter decorations! With its compact shape, Sun Up is also suitable for smaller flower arrangements. Think mini bouquets to put anywhere or to offer as a gift. The perfect way to bring the sunshine indoors. Even better: you can do this every day, because Sun Up is available year round.


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