The Limonium China series invites you to create lush field bouquets. But you can do so much more with this versatile flower. From mini bouquets to trendy bridal bouquets.

Soft colours
The colour palette of the Limonium China series is particularly soft in its tones. Think pale yellow, soft pink and lilac. These shades look gorgeous in contemporary (wildflower) bouquets with a natural vibe. They combine beautifully with other seasonal flowers: from soft pastels to bold, bright colours. Experiment to your heart’s content!

With its branched structure, Limonium is very suitable for large, lush bouquets. Making flower clouds is also super easy with Limonium (whether fresh or dried). You would almost forget how beautiful this flower looks in small bouquets. If you group several small vases together, Limonium will look grand again!

Wedding flower trend
Limonium is easy to dry, and the flowers will retain their colour. Perfect for a trendy bridal bouquet with dried flowers! You can create a romantic look in no time with Limonium’s soft colour palette. A dried flower bouquet is a must-have for a bohemian wedding as well.


Styling and presentation tips:

  • Present different shades of Limonium in separate small vases. It’s a great way to put the entire colour palette in the spotlight.
  • Mix Limonium with wild flowers of the season, with tall stems of Delphinium in summer, for example.
  • Dry a large bunch of Limonium and display it in an XXL vase. So beautiful in all its simplicity (and super long lasting, to boot).


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