From summer until well into autumn, Skyfall produces a colourful sea of flowers. Perfect for brightening up your patio and balcony. Skyfall will bring you joy for at least 4 weeks.

Colour Mix
Skyfall grows horizontally in a flat, spreading manner, unlike classic garden chrysanthemums which grow vertically. As such, Skyfall is particularly suitable for hanging pots and baskets and wall hangers, but you can also use it to overgrow a (tall) pot or container. Why not create, for example, a bold mix of colours for a cheerful atmosphere on your patio or balcony? Or go for mono: a hanging basket in a single colour for a stylish and bold look.

Midsummer feast
Starting in the summer, Skyfall will bloom for weeks on end. Especially after midsummer – when the days slowly start to shorten again towards autumn – Skyfall is in its element. The plant then blooms so luxuriously that the leaves and much of the pot are hidden underneath. A veritable sea of flowers!

Skyfall is available in white, yellow, purple, red and pink. They are available as a trio colour mix and as single colour.


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