Radiant white, sweet pink and especially many different shades of blue-violet. The double-flowered pot aster Showmakers guarantees a colourful floral spectacle. Perfect for brightening up your garden and patio!

Showmakers will bloom throughout summer and early autumn. It flourishes at a time when most plants have just finished flowering or are past their prime. The generously filled flowers make this pot aster a real eye-catcher. They thrive in a sunny spot with some shade. Tip! If you remove the wilted flowers, you will enjoy the show of colour for even longer.

Flower styling
On its own in a pot, Showmakers is an eye-catcher on the patio and garden table. The various colours also combine beautifully. Lilac purple with dark purple, for example, looks ever so stylish. If you prefer more colour, why not combine all the colours together for a summery effect!

Showmakers also pairs nicely with other (perennial) plants and is semi-hardy. Lastly, these cheerful summer bloomers are perfect as a colour accent in borders.


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