Greetings, noble gardeners and plant aficionados! Have you ever wondered how our Royal Mums fit for a king or queen come to grace your gardens? Well, hold onto your crowns, because we’re about to embark on a majestic journey into the enchanting world of plant breeding. Prepare to discover the secrets behind cultivating plants for our Royal Mums collection fit for royal courts!

Step 1: Choosing Our Royal Lineup

First and foremost, we must determine which magnificent traits we desire in our majestic Royal Mums. Shall they be big and commanding, impervious to common garden pests, or perhaps flaunt colours fit for a royal banquet? It’s like selecting the crown jewels for our plant kingdom!

Step 2: Seeking the Perfect Royal Match

Just as a royal needs a suitable match, our garden mums require noble partners who possess complementary qualities. We search for the most splendid garden mums exhibiting some of the desired regal traits. These plants will become our “royal parents” or “plant royalty.”

Step 3: A Royal Rendezvous

Now comes the thrilling part – the grand rendezvous! We unite our esteemed royal parents and encourage them to exchange pollen. It’s like orchestrating a royal ball for plants! We can play the role of matchmaker ourselves or rely on nature’s winged messengers, like bees or flies, to do the job.

Step 4: Behold! The Royal Hybrids

Following the pollen soirée, our royal parents bestow upon us wondrous seeds known as hybrids. These seeds possess genes from both parent plants, resulting in new combinations of majestic traits. It’s like blending rare essences to create a magical elixir!

Step 5: Handpicking the Royal Gems for our Royal Mums collection

The hybrids sprout into marvellous young plants, and this is when our role as royal judges commences. With utmost care, we observe each sapling to identify those displaying the most extraordinary royal traits. These lucky contenders advance to the next round of our grand royal quest!

Step 6: Trials Fit for Royals

It’s time to put our royal contenders to the ultimate tests, similar to royal trials. We subject them to challenges like extreme weather, devious pests, or different soil conditions. Only the sturdiest and most consistent performers earn their rightful place in the royal court!

Step 7: Coronation of a Royal Mum

Once our plants have conquered the trials and proven their worthiness, they ascend to the highest ranks. They undergo further scrutiny, trials to gain official recognition as new regal plant varieties.

The tested genetics are recognisable for growers by the genetic names with een “X”, such as AleXia and PaX. The “X” represents the eXcellent quality of our Royal Mums. Consumer recognise the excellent quality by the branding of Royal Mums.

The Royal Mum collection

And there you have it! We have successfully bred our own families of Royal Garden Mums truly fit for royalty. It’s like creating a grand royal entourage, poised to grace gardens with their majestic presence!

So, the next time you find yourself captivated by a botanical beauty boasting exquisite royal qualities, remember that a touch of love, scientific finesse, and a sprinkle of enchantment go into breeding such exceptional garden mums. Embrace your inner royal gardener and let’s enrich the world with magnificent, regal flora, one Royal Mum at a time!

Wishing you a kingdom of flourishing garden mums, dear horticulturists. May your gardens always radiate a regal aura, as you nurture nature’s own royal treasures!