Getting through the energy transition fast without compromising on quality is Van Schie’s most important challenge every day. The grower grows Chrysanthemums and Lilies for higher segment retail. Affordable plants that are beautiful, strong and healthy.

A fool with a tool
Like many flower and plant growers, Van Schie now exclusively uses LED lighting. “But,” says Sales Manager Michel Van Kester, “A fool with a tool is still a fool. That’s why we have been researching the best conditions for our plants for years.”

AI in the greenhouse
Together with various research institutions, Van Schie tests how plants react to different conditions. Using Vivent’s technology, they closely monitor the plant’s vitality under external factors such as light intensity and temperature. “When the screens in the greenhouse are opening in the morning, it gets colder in the greenhouse. We immediately see stress in our Chrysanthemums and Lilies, for example. By opening the screens more slowly and providing a bit more warmth, we keep our plants happy.”

A happy plant is a beautiful plant
There are countless factors that determine whether a plant is comfortable. It goes without saying that stress affects how the plant ultimately looks. The beauty of the plants remains the most crucial requirement for Chrysanthemums at Van Schie.

Van Kester: “We are very pleased with the assortment of potted Chrysanthemums from Royal Van Zanten. Especially the Artistic® line, with its special and large flower shapes, fits perfectly into our range.”

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