Chrysanthemum nursery MG Grand has turned growing Chic chrysanthemums into an art form. In their 9-acre greenhouse, they produce this snow-white spray chrysanthemum to perfection.

“The advantage of growing just one variety is that you can perfect it, so that you get maximum yields out of the crop,” says business manager Niels van Wijk. “I absolutely love it. We want to create a stem length of exactly 70 cm, not longer and not shorter! This goal means finetuning all the influences: nutrition, light, heat and water. It is all interconnected.”

A full greenhouse bay of Chic flowers is harvested almost every day (depending on the time of year). The next lot of Chic plants are often planted the very next day, to be picked again in 10 weeks. Most Chic chrysanthemums are harvested for European florists.

Chic is the most famous white Chrysanthemum that is grown in the Netherlands, and that is why it’s available for everyone!


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