CHIC is a whiter than white spray chrysanthemum with a striking bright green heart.
You can enjoy CHIC year-round, with its charm and appearance it surprises every season.

The power of CHIC
CHIC is easy to combine and provides a fresh look in any arrangement. Create with CHIC a table arrangement for the holidays, a mixed bouquet with the flowers of the season or use them as a monobun.

Tips for the optimal vase life of CHIC:

• Cut the branches diagonally;
• Do not place them in the sun all day long, a place in the shade extends the vase life;
• Ensure a constant temperature and do not put them on the draft;
• Change the water regularly and rinse the vase to keep it clean;
• Prevent leaves hanging in the water.

Creative with CHIC
Do you want something different than fresh white? That’s possible! CHIC is easy to paint in almost every colors of the rainbow. That gives even more possibilities to use this radiant beauty in all kinds of flower arrangements; creative, special or simple flower arrangements it’s all possible with CHIC!


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