Yellow = Cavalia

Who doesn’t get happy of the colour “Yellow”. Yellow is often associated with: happiness, warmth, and joy. It is no coincidence that “Yellow” is the colour of spring. If you combine this colour with a flower: which you can enjoy for a long time, just gives the right fragrance (almost odourless) and releases something different from herself every day. Then of course we are talking about the Lily. The yellow Lily = Cavalia!




Cavalia is a beautiful LA Lily. LA stands for Longiflorium Asian. If you cross a Longiflorum with an Asian, you get the LA Lily. The characteristics of the LA Lily are: more colours than the Longiflorum (which is mainly available in the colour white) & larger flowers than the Asiatic. The flowers usually bloom slightly calyx and can be sideways or upright during flowering. The fragrance of the LA lily is almost negligible. Curious about what other types of Lilies there are? Then read this Blog.

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