Yes, you are hearing it here first! These are our new and exclusive introductions for 2024. Please keep an eye out for these blooming pot plants.

  • Celosia Flirt® Salmon

Celosia Flirt® Salmon will be exclusively available at grower WPK (also known as the brand House & Garden). It has lush, flirty plumes, yet still a compact shape that is ideal for transport. And the color?! You will fall in love with it right away.

  • Pot Chrysanthemum Artistic® Sweet

Artistic® Sweet is a new striped daisy and available at SV.CO.

  • Jellyfish®

Jellyfish® is our new pom pom pot chrysanthemum series. These tiny, jellyfish-shaped flowers are so cute, they instantly make you smile! Jellyfish will be available in 2024 at SV.CO and Berkhout Plants (also known as the brand Chrysabella). There are currently 5 colors available, but we can let you in on a little secret: we are working on more colors!

  • Sunna

Our Sollinea® collection will expand in 2024 with Sunna. It has stunning yellow spoon- or anemone-shaped flowers. Sollinea® is available via Ammerlaan-Sosef and SV.CO. Please be aware that the assortment per grower can differ.

  • Artistic® Pomona

Artistic® Pomona is a striped yellow-orange anemone pot chrysanthemum, she is available via grower Gebr. Nederpel Potplanten.


We hope you did not miss these new plants in 2023?!

In 2023 we introduced these amazing blooming pot and bedding plants. They had a limited availability, so we hope you did not miss these beauties:

  • Celosia Mystic Shades, a unique dark purple spicata celosia. This new innovation in the celosia category is your new must-have fashion accessory! Available via Ammerlaan-Sosef.

  • Pot Chrysanthemum Bouquet Pink, these pot chrysanthemums resemble a wild flower bouquet (hence the name). This is certainly not the traditional pot chrysanthemum that you are used to. An untamed shape, that colors outside of the lines, is what makes her so beautifully unique! Available via Ammerlaan-Sosef.

Make sure to put these on your plant shopping list for 2024 (again)!


Check out our 2024 Pot&Bedding catalog for our complete assortment or browse the product section at our website here.