Decorate your table with Haydar, for an instant festive look. This floral table decoration is also really fun to make. Let’s get to work!


3 bunches of Haydar in different bi-colour shades*



Linen (light shade)

Canvas/cotton (dark shade)

Tableware with underplates

Gold cutlery


* Tip! Make sure the flowers have matured properly. Buy them up to a week in advance. Put the flowers in water (remove the lower leaves). To maximise the keeping quality of flowers, it is crucial that they can absorb water properly.

Step 1:

Drape the linen fabric over the table. Fold the canvas over the table like a runner. This will protect the linen from any stains. Plus, it looks lovely! Next, cut the flowers just below the base of the flowerhead. Also remove the green leaves from the Grevillea and Eucalyptus stems.

Step 2:

Arrange the pink and purple flowers combined with the Grevillea and Eucalyptus leaves in an organic pattern. You can also opt for a clean graphic pattern or a mandala.

Step 3:

Lay the table with the tableware and cutlery (you could also lay the table first and then create a floral pattern). Decorate the underplates (which you remove after the first course) with the yellow flowers and a loose leaf.

Tip! Mist some water over the flowers with a plant sprayer. It will make them glisten beautifully by candlelight. This is not required to maximise their keeping quality. The flowers will stay fresh for at least the duration of a dinner.

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