Look at those beautiful Colorita® plants on display! At a rooftop overlooking the famous Sagrada Familia, Marta of Lady Green created a beautiful display of colours with the Colorita® of Royal van Zanten. Our Colorita® plants traveled to Spain for this exciting exterior shoot for digital magazine Cinefleur.

Flowers and art in Barcelona

Marta turns this rooftop into a floral artwork with our Colorita® plants, which mirrors the beauty of the masterpiece across the street. The beautiful patterns on the large, frivolous flowers, give the Colorita® a unique look. This attractive blooming garden plant turns every outside setting into a festive sight, while also attracting Bumblebees to your terrace.

Create a blooming exterior

With their many colours, a beautiful rainbow of flowers was created on the sunny terrace in Barcelona. With many different pots and containers in combination with the white furniture and beautiful view of the Sagrada Familia, the Colorita® was used to create a stunning outside setting.

Why choose Colorita®? The plants bloom longer than other alstroemeria varieties due to the unique hybrid genetics. They’re available in store only for a short period from spring to early summer but bloom until late summer. This genetic structure makes Colorita® a high-quality plant, making it the ideal terrace decoration.

Credits: Cinefleur Magazine

Designer: Marta of Lady Green


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