Chrysanthemums have long been seen as a boring flower for grave plantings. But lately, chrysanthemums have been making a comeback. They are hip, trendy and available in a wide range of colours and shapes. Goodbye traditional white, yellow and pink daisy mix and hello unqiue shapes and modern colour paletes. 


Potted Chrysanthemums for every season

Chrysanthemums are available all year round. They bloom abundantly in autumn and winter, but they are also a beautiful addition to your interior or exterior in spring and summer.

From left to right: Santosa Pink, Mount® Harmony Copper, Mixed Mount® Aubisque, Sollinea® Nomad Coral and Alpine Time. Packaging by Koenpack.

Besides the seasonal make over in your home and garden, there are many occasions where pot chrysanthemums are the perfect colourful gift: Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birthday or Christmas.

From left to right: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and an extra festive Holiday setting.


Potted Chrysanthemums for every interior

Chrysanthemums are available in different shapes and sizes. There are small chrysanthemums for the windowsill, but also large chrysanthemums for on the floor. There are also chrysanthemums with a special shape, such as the pompom chrysanthemum or the spider chrysanthemum.

From left to right: Spider (Anansi®), Spoon + Anemone (Sollinea®), Daisy (Time), Decorative (Mount®), PomPom (Jellyfish®)

From left to right: Mount® Aubisque Purple, Artistic® Jeff, Sollinea® Nomad Blush Pink, Mount® Aubisque Burgundy, Mount® Aubisque Salmon, HoiHoi, Sollinea® Sunna, Jellyfish® Sand, Mount® Corbet, Anansi® White. 


Pot chrysanthemums are #lowmaintenance

Forget that complicated plant care. Pot chrysanthemums are your new best friends when it comes to maintenance. No stress, just plant happiness.

Tips for caring for chrysanthemums

  • Put chrysanthemums in a bright spot in your home or garden. Especially if they are a bit on the raw side, they like some extra “solar energy”.
  • Stay hydrated: Water chrysanthemums regularly, but don’t let the potting soil get too wet.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors. A temperature between 15° to 25°C is optimal. But colder is also fine, only a temperature below 5°C is not tolerated. So bring the plant inside in cold weather.


Hello future Chrysanthemums 2.0

Nowadays even more special colours and combinations of different shapes are becoming commercial varieties. Hier is an overview of the latest introductions. You’ll see so many new shapes and non-tradional colour (combinations).

Potted Chrysanthemums are therefore the new must-have for plantlovers. They are hip, trendy, available in a wide range of colours and shapes and relatively low-maintenance. With the 2.0 pot chrysanthemums, you can give your interior or exterior a colourful and fresh look every season of the year.