Creating an enchanting Christmas atmosphere. You can do it with… chrysanthemums! They come in stunning colours, from wintry white to warm violet. What’s more: they are also incredibly versatile and strong. You can look forward to a colourful Christmas mood!

Christmas feelings
Perhaps chrysanthemums are not the first flower or plant to spring to mind when you think about Christmas creations. Then again, just look at the shape of this flower: does it not resemble a shining star? Next, check out the colour palette: from wintry white to warm violet. And let’s not forget the classic Christmas colours: green and red. In short, all the ingredients for a flowery Christmas are there!

Going all out with chrysanthemums
From little mono bouquets to do all around the house, to luxurious Christmas arrangements to gift. With chrysanthemums, you can create festive bouquets or pot plant combinations for the entire month of December in no time at all. If you really want to go all out in the run-up to Christmas, make lush table decorations, wreaths and Christmas arrangements with these sturdy flowers as well. Whatever you create with chrysanthemums, finish it off with Christmas accessories, like animal figures, baubles, powdered snow and sparkling lights.


Christmas styling tips

  • Make a Christmas wreath with white and green chrysanthemums – be sure to add some green foliage – for a natural Christmas atmosphere. You will continue to enjoy it long after Christmas.
  • You can set a lovely Christmas atmosphere in no time at all. With a miniature deer, some baubles and lights, even a creation with pink chrysanthemums looks as Christmassy as it gets!
  • Put chrysanthemums in the spotlight by placing them – either solo or in a mini bouquet – under a glass dome. Instant festive atmosphere!
  • Casually wrap mini Christmas lights around the stems of large disbudded chrysanthemums in a warm winter hue (or even in sparkling white). Display the dressed flowers together in the windowsill. Suddenly, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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