Black & white is a powerful colour combination that is always on-trend. Not only in fashion, but also in the world of flowers. If you are looking for brilliant white flowers for your black & white creations, then spray chrysanthemum Chic is the flower for you!

Almost magical

If you combine radiant white Chic with the colour black (for example, a matte black vase), something amazing happens. It’s almost magical: you won’t be able to take your eyes off it! Of course, you could also add some bright colour accents. Chic offers endless variety, because it can be effortlessly combined with any colour!

Light & dark

Chic also comes into its own beautifully in dark interiors. The flowers appear to radiate light. On dark days in particular, a mixed bouquet with Chic can make a huge difference. Chic is also surprisingly beautiful in a mono bouquet. It is effective too, because just a couple of flowers in a small vase are powerful enough to light up a dark corner.


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