With its unique two-tone purple colour combination, Celosia Mystic Shades is a real eye-catcher. The flowers are stunning in colour, but so are their leaves. And when butterflies flutter all around the feathery plumes, the atmosphere becomes almost magical!

Colourful & climate-resistant
Celosia Mystic Shades is popular with butterflies and bees alike, even if they often ignore other summer annuals. Caring for this unusual Celosia is easy. Water Mystic Shades regularly, but don’t overdo it. That’s all! This colourful plant is also happy in a sunny spot.

Indoors & outdoors
Celosia Mystic Shades is very versatile. Use it in façade gardens or public green spaces. The colourful plant also thrives in pots, both indoors and outdoors.

The Celosia Mystic Shades season runs from April to November. More information for trade, retailers and garden centres: : Ammerlaan-Sosef.

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