From fresh white to bright green. There are so many flowers and plants in bright spring colours, perfect for welcoming the spring season. And let’s not forget Easter: the perfect occasion to bring spring into your home!

Radiant white, yellow, and cream

White and yellow are the best colours for welcoming spring. No other colour brings this much freshness and they’re perfect for Easter as well! Think stunning bouquets and stylish table decorations for your home or create eye-catching arrangements with pot plants that bring your garden to life! No Easter table setting is complete without Sun Up; these white Santinis with a bright yellow centre look like mini fried eggs. For Easter decorations with a touch of chic and a warm look, you could go for cream tints.

Sunny yellow & fresh orange

Yellow and orange are vibrant, energetic colours that are perfect for spring time. Bring a splash of yellow or orange into your home with flowers and flowering pot plants. Your local florist or garden centre will have a broad range of shapes and colours to get your home into the spirit of spring! A single yellow or orange flower in a (field) bouquet is enough to add a sunny accent.

Spring green

Green symbolises a fresh start and reduces stress. It is an optimistic colour that is perfect for spring time. Bring that ultimate spring feeling into your home by using green in spring bouquets, or by placing a single flower in a small glass vase! What more could you want?

Discover the sweetest pastels

Pink, light yellow, apricot… Flowers and plants in soft pastel hues are completely on trend. They are also perfect for contemporary, romantic spring and bridal bouquets! Combine them with a bold colour accent for a more robust look. Let your creativity blossom with all the available enchanting pastel colours. With their subtle and stress-reducing appearance, they effortlessly add a touch of spring to any space, indoors or outdoors.

Surprising red

Such unexpected splendour! Why not consider flowers and plants in colours that you would not necessarily associate with spring? Dark red and purple colours also look surprisingly beautiful in spring bouquets, making them sparkle with unique colour play. What magical creations will you make?

Tips & ideas!

  • Celebrate spring with cheerful field bouquets!

Combine bold flowers in soft pastel hues with the classic beauty of spring flowers. Explosions of colour and scents that are guaranteed to make you happy.

  • Are you in the mood for something different? Try combining different flowers of the same colour in a mono bouquet. Choosing a single colour will make the different flower shapes and structures stand out beautifully.
  • Create a spring garden in a shallow bowl, perfect for your Easter table.
  • Don’t forget your garden, balcony or patio: pot plants in fresh spring colours are an easy way to add colour to the garden and help you forget all about winter.
  • Pot plants in fresh spring colours are also a great gift idea, at Easter, for example.

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