Astronova® – brand new flower available in the US – ten years in the making. We looked up at the night sky. A new star was looking back.

When we look up at the stars, we’re looking at history. The stars are ancient, the same ones people saw centuries ago, and the same ones people will see centuries from today. We see constellations and astrological signs. We can use the stars to locate ourselves in the world. The stars are a mystery, and yet we feel we know them, and every so often, after a lifetime of searching, a new one is discovered.

Now, Royal Van Zanten and the Queen’s Flowers have brought that sense of discovery and history into something you can hold in your hand. Introducing the Astronova®, a unique flower ten years in the making, and well worth the wait. Beauty takes time. Nature finds a way. Science opens up new possibilities. We’re just getting started.

Astronova® was inspired by the cosmos and brought into being by the combined exports the world’s two foremost growers. With a long vase life and a brightness reminiscent of the night sky, it is our greatest achievement yet. More colors, more possibilities still to come.

The collaboration that led to the Astronova® began two years ago. Inspired by the brightness of the cosmos and the deep, rich pallets of Baroque era paintings, Royal Van Zanten and Queen’s wanted to craft something whose appearance evoked a sense of history and a spirit of exploration. That duality informed every decision along the way. The Astronova® is both dark and bright, both science and art, and, most importantly, both Royal Van Zanten and The Queen’s Flowers.

We went back in time to collect musical notes, brushstrokes, and colors from the Baroque era, combining them to create something unique.
Dark and bright. Classic and bold. Royal Van Zanten and Queen’s Flowers. Contrast becomes balance. Ornate becomes simple. A dream becomes a flower.

About Astronova®
With its striking colors, lush stem, and dynamic shape (4-6 inch), the Astronova® is a bold step forward. It is distinguished not only by its look and longevity (vaselife from 12 to 15 days) but by its uncommon versatility – it can function equally well as a focal, standalone flower or as part of a bouquet. This was part of the mission as well, to offer consumers something they would not only want to purchase but that would spark their own creativity.

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