Sollinea® is very versatile and therefore can be placed indoor and outdoor. In this inspiration blog we like to give you inspiration and tips for your garden, patio or balcony.

Planting Sollinea® in pots is very easy. .

  • Pick a pot you like, it best to choose a pot with drainage holes (or if it is plastic, drill a few holes). You can use a saucer if don’t want the water to leak on your garden table.
  • Fill the pot with potting soil and preferably some drainage materials ( for example a layer of pebbles/hydro granules)
  • Remove the containers from the plants and plant Sollinea® into the pots (you can mix different types if you like in 1 pot)
  • Water the plants, pour the water directly on the potting soil and not on top of the flowers. Did you know that if you pour water over the plants when the sun is shining, flowers and leaves can be burned by the sunlight? Therefore, it is best to water your plants in the evening.
  • The plants don’t need any additional growth regulators.
  • Enjoy! Sollinea can also be placed directly into your garden/soil.


Gardening expert tip: “If you buy Sollinea® during spring or early summer, don’t throw her away after blooming. Prune the plants (remove old flowers) and during their natural blooming season (Autumn) she will start the bloom again. It is possible the flowerstems will be a bit longer than before.”

ps. They still need water, so beware not to forget them.

Sollinea® care tips:

  • Sollinea® likes the sun!
  • Keep the soil most. If you use pots, don’t leave water in the pots. It is best to choose a decorative pot with a drainage hole and a saucer.
  • Watering the plants depends on the environment, but a good indication is: 2x a week
  • Sollinea® does not like the cold, please make sure to place the plants indoor when it is colder than 5°C. They thrive when the temperature is in between 15-25°C.
  • Remove old flowers with clean and sharp pruners.
  • Don’t forget to remove packing when you are at home as soon as possible. Especially in moist and warm conditions!

More information for trade, retailers and garden centres: Ammerlaan-Sosef.

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