Nothing beats bright pink in terms of beauty and this certainly holds true for spray chrysanthemum Myra. It is pink, though not overly sweet, and rather bold and radiant. In other words: just right! This bright pink spray chrysanthemum has a contemporary look and perfectly matches the latest flower trends.

Sparkling and perfectly balanced!

That’s Myra. She has not only a bright pink colour with a contrasting green centre, but also a very good vase life and retains its colour all year round, even in the hot summer months. With the right care, consumers can enjoy this fabulous flower for an amazing 14 days. On the website of JustChrys you can find a few caring tips:

With its natural appearance, Myra is a wonderful addition to any arrangement for florists, although it also looks radiant on its own. Myra’s colour combination always ensures year-round a fresh and lively arrangement in every season.

Myra, instant happiness quaranteed!


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