Pink Molly, Yellow Molly and White Molly. These radiant Santinis from the Chrysanthemum Molly family make it ever so easy to vary and combine. Never a dull moment.

From fresh white to sunny yellow and bright pink. Chrysanthemum Molly is perfect for adding a quick splash of colour to bouquets and arrangements. It is also a real eye-catcher if used solo in a vase. What’s more, these versatile flowers are perfect for creative outbursts, such as flower arrangements for weddings and events.

The bright colours that are so typical of the Molly family will bring a smile to everyone’s face time and again. Their graceful compact flower shape reinforces the joyful effect. The dark centre contrasts beautifully with the petals; a real feast for the eyes.

The entire Molly collection is available for growers worldwide. To find out more about Pink Molly, Yellow Molly and White Molly, simply get in touch.


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