The Milkshake series combines a compact shape with cheerful fruity colours. Discover the yellow Milkshake Banana, purple Milkshake Cherry, white Milkshake Coconut, orange-brown Milkshake Papaya and pink Milkshake Raspberry. A series to savour!

Mix & match
The delicious colour palette invites experimentation: mix & match to your heart’s content! Why not mis Milkshake Banana, Coconut and Raspberry for a delightful summer vibe on your patio? Or combine Milkshake Coconut, Cherry and Papaya for a warm autumnal look. Anything goes, nothing is too crazy. Tip! Consider gifting a Milkshake. It is sure to make someone happy!

Flowers on and on
The Milkshake range (Multiflora chrysanthemums) guarantees prolonged flowering. They look fabulous in pots on the patio, as well as in borders. No growth regulators were used to produce these compact plants. As such, Milkshake is a sustainable choice.


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