Kwekerij Zijdezicht is the go-to Aster grower in the Netherlands. Every April, the greenhouse in de Lier will slowly turn pink, lilac and white, so that from spring through to September, all of Europe (and the world) can once more enjoy their Aster. On an area of nearly 5.5 hectares, Zijdezicht grows more than half of all Dutch Aster.

“We serve all kinds of customers,” says co-owner Ron van Oosten, “from your small florist corner shop to big retailers in the UK. Everyone wants our Aster!” All these various customers’ different wishes make things even more interesting for Ron: “It is such a fun challenge for us to help all of our customers. Whether it’s one bucket of mixed heavy stems, or carts full of light quality: we make it happen with equal enthusiasm.”

Aster is a perennial plant. It is planted in January, and the first stems are harvested in April. Each plant produces 3 to 5 stems. When October arrives, it gets too cold and dark for Aster. In the remaining months, Zijdezicht grows Chrysanthemum.


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