With its 26-hectare greenhouse, Arcadia focuses on a varied assortment of top-quality disbudded chrysanthemums.

Based in Dutch town De Lier, they grow several disbudded chrysanthemum varieties that are not available anywhere else, as well as better-known varieties that have already been successful for a long time. As such, Arcadia claims to be the Netherlands’ premier one-stop-shop for wholesalers for disbudded chrysanthemums.

We interviewed Roy Ton, Sales Specialist at Arcadia. “Thanks to our unique assortment, we regularly receive requests for wonderful events, like special weddings in Dubai or beautiful events in Italy. Sometimes we send two entire trolleys filled with chrysanthemums to a single wedding.”

One of the many varieties that Arcadia Grows is Ofir: A beautiful disbud Chrysanthemum with great volume. The petals are fresh green, which gives you an instant spring feeling.

Sustainability is also an important part of Arcadia’s business operations:
🌡️There are large air treatment hoses suspended from the roof in the greenhouse, for accurate control of humidity and heat. This means fungi get much less chance to grow. What’s more, a dry atmosphere is more efficient.
🦠 Crop protection is done organically on a large scale. Pests are managed with natural enemies.
💡The greenhouse is filled with LED lights, saving up to 40% energy.

For more information about Arcadia and their business, please visit the website: www.arcadiachrysanten.nl


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