Step-by-Step: Lilies for Mother’s Day!

A colorful Mother’s Day arrangement: with lily ‘Master’ & Inge Quint in the spotlight
We think that mothers always deserve flowers, but certainly on Mother’s Day! A nice -and strong- arrangement with lily ‘Master’. Everything for the best mother in the world. Why ‘Master’? ‘Master’ is strong and powerful, but thanks to her pink colour and wonderful scent, this lily is very elegant, just like mother. That’s why we call ‘Master’: The Queen of Lilies.

The following flowers are being used. Of course the beautiful lily ‘Master’. And for the red accents: lily ‘Armandale’, roses and Cornus branches.

Bark or cork – roughly painted in the colors of the arrangement – as holder. Glass or plastic vases. Together they are the base of this arrangement. Decorative dish, gold chips and hearts on a stick.

Keep tools such as: knife, tongs and rustic wire within reach.

Remove almost all the leaves from the flowers and thoroughly clean the last part of the stems. Fill the vases with sufficient water and place them in the bark or cork holders.

In order to make all the flowers stand out well and to make it a playful , you cut the flowers at different heights, so your arrangement remains ‘light’.

Arranging the vases is done per flower type. Look closely at the structure of each flower. Use long narrow – as the Cornus branches- material at the top and full open flowers at the bottom. Place the decorative hearts where you still miss something in the arrangement. You can secure the hearts with rustic wire.

For the finishing touch you can put gold chips or rose petals on the dish. A single vase with cork around it is of course also a nice gift, then it becomes a colorful mono arrangement.



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