Thank you for blooming with us at FlowerTrials 2023! 

What an incredible experience it has been surrounded by the vibrant colours, captivating concepts, and endless beauty of flowers & plants. From exploring new varieties to connecting with fellow flower enthusiasts, every moment has been filled with joy and inspiration.

A special shoutout to all the wonderful people who joined our location at FlowerTrials 2023: Morel, Marathon Plants, Lazzeri and Graff. Your presence made this event even more memorable and delightful. Thank you for sharing your passion for plants and creating a blooming community!


5 FlowerTrials highlights


  1. The new garden mum series for packs: PaX

You see what we did here 😉  packs = PaX.

The PaX series is the perfect series for 6-packs, 10.5 cm or 12 cm pots. Available in 7 colours and genetically identical in habit and flowering!

The fast response time makes this series ideal for cultivation in blackout systems. Flowering starts naturally in week 39/40. With the PaX you’ll be giving consumers up to six whole weeks of beautiful blooms!


  1. A complete new garden mum brand: Royal Mums

Excellent flowers and excellent quality, this is what Royal Mums stand for. More information will follow soon on What’s B(l)ooming Today.



  1. A fresh and new concept area

All our amazing new brands such as Sollinea®, Coral Reef, Celosia Wild, Royal Mums were on display in our new concept area.



  1. Shop for inspiration in our Royal Garden Centre and Royal Plant Shop

Thanks to Koenpack we created a store environment to show you how to sell pot chrysanthemums, celosia’s and other products. We gave inspiration for: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Xmas.

More of this inspiration will follow on What’s B(l)ooming Today, so if you missed it now worries, you will see it back at What’s B(l)ooming Today!


  1. Conscious plants collections

We also presented a conscious collection in a garden centre setting. Plants such as, Colorita®, Salt Lake® and Celosia Wild are a step forward into a more sustainable future.



Launch of the poster generator


During FlowerTrials we presented our new online poster generator. With this generator you can create your own posters for free. Just a your logo, barcode and price and download it in the language of your choice. Please note that it is still a work in progress, so if you miss anything or have a great idea let us know send an email to

A special press release with the link will follow soon, so keep an eye on our website! Or if you are interested send us an email as well.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end here. Let’s continue nurturing our love for flowers, exploring new gardening adventures, and spreading floral joy wherever we go. Together, we can make the world a more beautiful place, one blossom at a time.


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