Deep Purple stands out with its unique intense purple colour. It doesn’t get any more purple than this. Deep Purple is also a particularly strong plant. In other words: carefree enjoyment!

Cheerful & striking
The purple flower plumes look ever so cheerful. Combine Deep Purple with purple leafy plants to create a sense of harmony. Or let Deep Purple shine in pots and containers. Instant happiness guaranteed!

Easy & strong
Celosia originates from warm regions with plenty of sun and little rain. That is what makes Celosia so strong. It means Deep Purple is happy in a sunny spot. On your patio, in your garden and even inside. Anything goes! You also often see Deep Purple as a colour accent in public green spaces, since it is such a strong and colourful plant. Tip! Deep Purple is also perfect as a summer gift. Its unusual colour lends the plant a unique look. And anyone can look after it.

The Celosia Deep Purple season runs from April to November.


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