Chrysanthemum balls are very easy to make. The result is incredibly stylish. With their fresh colour palette, they are suitable for any season.


  • 3 bunches chrysanthemums: Bonita, Chic and Ofir
  • 3 floral foam spheres (the size of a tennis ball)
  • 1 tall vase
  • 2 shallow white bowls
  • 1 glass bowl

Step 1: Fill the glass bowl with water. Place the foam spheres on top of the water so that they can slowly soak up the water.

Step 2: Cut the chrysanthemums quite short (you are going to insert the stems about 3 cm into the foam). Cutting them at an angle makes them easier to insert.

Step 3: Place a floral foam sphere on a tall vase. Insert the flowers (Bonita) around 3 cm into the sphere so that they are firmly attached.

Step 4: Repeat the process to make flower balls with Ofir and Chic.

Step 5: Fill the two shallow bowls with a shallow layer of water. Carefully place the balls in the bowls.

The end result: a stylish flower still life with Bonita, Chic and Ofir.

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