Chic is a must have, also at Easter. Chic’s radiant white flowers – with their distinctive fresh green centre – create a lovely fresh spring atmosphere during the Easter days.

Long lasting bouquets
With Chic, you can create the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements for Easter. Why not combine the radiant white spray chrysanthemums with delicate spring flowers in soft pastels? A lovely bouquet for your home, or to offer as a gift. Chic is a very strong flower, so you will continue to enjoy it for a long time after Easter.

Cheerful table styling
Easter is the perfect time to get decorating. You could brighten up the breakfast table with small vases filled with Chic, for example. To do this, cut the flowers off the stem. Combine the cheerful flower vases with Easter eggs or egg shells to add to the Easter atmosphere. If you are looking for something other than white, choose the dyed version! Chic can be dyed in all the colours of the rainbow. That opens up even more possibilities!


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