Spring calls for radiant bouquets with plenty of flowers. Charmelia is very lush and also long lasting. Perfect for flower-rich spring bouquets that you will enjoy for at least 21 days.

At home and for a spring wedding
Charmelia immediately shows loads of colour: from bright white to sunny yellow and sparkling pink. It invites you to create radiant spring bouquets and flower arrangements. At home or at work. For special days, like Easter and Mother’s Day. Spring brides also adore Charmelia.

Styling idea! You can also present Charmelia as a single flower in a vase. Surprisingly fun as a table decoration, at the (home) office or as a small gift.

Lots of variety
Charmelia is available year round. With the colourful collection that now offers six varieties – Charmelia Blush, Charmelia Yellow, Charmelia Pink, Charmelia White, Charmelia Purplex and Charmelia Blanca – you can vary to your heart’s content. Season after season!


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