As if the low autumn sun were shining into the home… With its warm, radiant colour, Bellavista is a real autumnal beauty. The orange-yellow flowers stand out because of their colour and size (a whopping 10 cm in diameter). In other words, Bellavista is a must-have for eye-catching autumn creations.


Mix & match
From a single flower in a shallow bowl to generously filled autumn bouquets. With Bellavista, you can create floral arrangements in a wide variety of styles and sizes. This versatile disbudded chrysanthemum combines beautifully with other autumn treasures, such as fruits, branches and other flowers in warm autumn hues.

Bouquet idea!
Try creating a mini bouquet with Bellavista. Cut the stems at different lengths for a trendy vintage look.

Sturdy & robust
Bellavista is a strong chrysanthemum that you will enjoy for a long time. This disbudded variety is available year-round. Be inspired by this versatile flower time and again.

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