The flower world has gained a new star: Astronova. Prepare to be amazed by Astronova’s unique flower shape, powerful colour palette and long vase life (up to fourteen days). Are you looking forward to working with this eye-catcher?

Star of the show
From solitary flower in a vase to eye-catcher in a bouquet. However you use Astronova, it will steal the show. The only thing best avoided is combining Astronova with other divas, such as large-flowered lilies. Their turn will come another time. But for now it’s show time for the newest star in the sky: Astronova!

Mix & match
Astronova offers endless variety. Just give it a try! A few ideas for inspiration:

  • Let Astronova pop out high above the other flowers in your bouquet. This idea works in a classic round bouquet, but also in a contemporary field bouquet.
  • Mix Astronova with delicate flowers such as sea lavender (Limonium), small-flowered spray chrysanthemums, gypsophila and smaller gerberas.
  • Create a colour block featuring red Astronova amid one variety of bouncy flowers, such as burnet (Sanguisorba).
  • Fill a collection of small vases with Astronova blooms in different colours, complemented by delicate field flowers in shades of red and pink.
  • Let light-pink and dark-pink Astronova tower high above one large hydrangea that you position low on a vase. Instead of a single hydrangea flower, you can make a foundation of fresh Green Trick.

To the moon and back
Astronova is the result of a special collaboration between Royal Van Zanten and The Queen’s Flowers and has been ten years in the making. The result is a flower to love and never let go: I love you to the moon and back. More information or free samples:

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