Oriental Lilies – sometimes called Japanese Lilies – are known for their large flowers and their fragrance. In addition, these Lilies have a vase life of 10 to 14 days. A Lily that – in addition to stimulating your senses – also gives you long pleasure.


For customers who love the beautiful large flowers of the Oriental Lily, but not the fragrance, Tourega is the perfect match. Because Tourega is -the only- completely ODOURLESS oriental Lily, this makes it unique in its kind. This Oriental has a white colour, with green contrasting accents in the heart of the flower. Besides that this Oriental Lily is odourless, it is also various in use. You can use it solitary, as a beautiful accent in a mixed (field) bouquet or in a floral foam arrangement.

Enjoy Tourega, and inspire your customers with this beautiful Lily.

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