Inspiration fires up the imagination. It produces ideas that can help you get ahead – both at work and at home. And the great thing is: inspiration is everywhere. From the morning paper to trend forecasts and from walks in the woods to a holiday by the sea. We’d like to add another source of inspiration to this list: immerse yourself in the fascinating world of floral colours at our Virtual Inspiration Event

* A VR headset on a smartphone will give you the best view of our Virtual Inspiration Event, but it is not essential.

Check in and take a colourful 3D tour; a tour you do not easily forget! Experience the impact of colour and discover our complete collection of cut flowers in an endless array of colours – from luminous yellow to deep dark purple – in a playful way. Look out for the bouquets and flower sculptures in striking colour combinations and DIYs that you can get going with straight away.

Colour has impact. Some colours make you feel all zen, while others give you new energy. Once you know more about colours, you will start seeing them in a different light.

And you will become inspired. Curious to learn more about the fascinating world of colours check our ‘Colour Talks’ page:


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