Jellyfish®: where a sea of joy blossoms


The Jellyfish® series is the new and refreshing addition to the pot chrysanthemum range at Royal Van Zanten. A complete series with a beautiful contemporary colour palette. The plants are colour mutants and therefore have the same growth habit. The plants can be mixed excellently both in pots and in trays. Besides the advantages for a grower, it also creates a uniform look on the shelf in shops.

A behind-the-scenes look at the design process of the Jellyfish® brand

We like to take you through the creative branding design process. Besides trying to translate and reflect trends and the zeitgeist as best we can in our product branding, we also look at what suits the plant and flowers themselves.

The flower shape is the source of inspiration for the name Jellyfish®. The tiny cute pompom flowers are in the same shape as little jellyfish®. The design of the cover has been carefully created keeping in mind the latest trends. The result is a refreshing and unique look that appeals to consumers to take this unplanned takeaway home or give it as a gift. The cheerful Jellyfish® plants are sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

The colour gradient on the cover of Jellyfish® is inspired by the reflections in seawater, making the colours flow smoothly into each other, but also from for the transparency and colour gradient seen in the jellyfish in the ocean. The tiny air bubbles add a playful touch to the “water”. And at the top of the design, you can see the waves on the surface of the water. The “sky” above it is transparent. This transparency allows you to see the flowers of the plants, but it still protects the plant during transport and on the shelf. The brand is made extra recognisable by our fun Jellyfish® mascot as an addition to the logo.



Care tips Jellyfish®

Although the plants require little care, we wanted to share these handy care tips with you:

  • You can place the plant indoors as well as outdoors (5-25°C).
  • It needs water about twice a week, more often in summer than in winter. Make sure the root ball does not dry out, but also make sure the roots are not left under water.
  • Chrysanthemums love the sun and therefore stay at their best in a sunny spot in the garden or at home.
  • Another expert tip for #plantparents, cut off the faded flowers, this way the plant puts its energy into the new flowers.


Did you know that plants provide a positive effect on mental health? This cheerful Jellyfish® is sure to put a smile on your face when you give it a nice spot in your home or garden!





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