XL flowers in summer-sweet colours. That’s what Alstroemeria Intenz is all about! It is a gorgeous flower for summer bouquets and more.

Trendy pink
Alstroemeria Intenz’s trendy pink colour palette gives it a summer-sweet look. And so the flowers are perfect for summer bouquets. The flowers’ XL size really makes them stand out. The effect is enhanced by the dark green leaves. Let Alstroemeria Intenz shine in mono bouquets and summer-sweet bridal arrangements, too.

Styling idea! Try putting a single XL stem in a tall bottle-shaped vase. You will be amazed by the incredible number of flowers on one stem. If you want to emphasize the summer sweetness of the colour, display a few individual flowers in mini vases. Ever so sweet.

Always summer
Alstroemeria Intenz is available year round. Create colourful bouquets in summer atmospheres every season with the different varieties – Intenz Salmon, Intenz Pink and Intenz Dark Pink.

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