Are you ready for something new? Meet Sollinea® – Blooming Sunbeams


Our new Sollinea® concept is developed for the new generation plantlovers! Fresh colours and unique shapes that fit the trends, zeitgeist and needs of a younger audience in the shops.

Sollinea® is an eye-catching blooming indoor and outdoor plant (5-25 °C). With her unique flower shape, she is a stand-out in any garden or inside your home. She doesn’t need a lot of care, just sunlight and water (for more care tips please scroll down).

Sollinea collection 2022

What does Sollinea® mean?

We used the symbolic meaning of the flowers and  the shape as inspiration for the name of the product.

  • In Japan the flower symbolises the sun and the light (immortality) in Japan
  • The Chinese name for this flower means: ‘the essence of the sun’.
  • The flowers are shaped like miniature suns.
  • The petals look like sunbeams

Sollinea® is a non-existing word that refers to the Sun (also known as Sol in other languages).



Sollinea® is designed by women for women and are sold in luxurious packaging with gold accents, this makes her an instant gift for various occasions like birthdays, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day. Or just as a small thank you present when you visit a (dinner)party.

For garden centres there is a special high-end label available (instead of the sleeves), please ask the supplier for the possibilities.

Sollinea® plants are available in pot size 12cm and 15cm at Griffioen Plants. If you wish other pot sizes for future sales, please contact

Sollinea branding logo

Why sell Sollinea® in your shop(s)?

  • Perfect as a gift for various occasions
  • Stands out on the shelf and encourages impulse buying
  • Can be sold as an indoor plant as well as an outdoor plant (5-25 °C)

Sollinea in plant shop - Flowertrials

Care tips for consumers:

  • Sollinea® likes the sun!
  • Keep the soil most, but don’t leave water in the pots. It is best to choose a decorative pot with a drainage hole and a saucer.
  • Watering the plants depends on the environment, but a good indication is: 2x a week.
  • Sollinea® can be placed indoor, in your garden, at the patio or in pots at your balcony.
  • Sollinea® does not like the cold, please make sure to place the plants indoor when it is colder than 5°C. They thrive when the temperature is in between 15-25°C.
  • Remove old flowers with clean and sharp pruners.
  • Don’t forget to remove packing when you are at home. Especially in moist and warm conditions.


Home & garden inspiration with Sollinea®

Sollinea home & garden inspirationSollinea home & garden inspirationSollinea home & garden inspirationSollinea home & garden inspirationSollinea home & garden inspiration - XMASSollinea home & garden inspiration - XMAS

Sollinea® official introduction at FlowerTrials 2022



Where can I buy Sollinea®?

Sollinea® is limited available this summer at Griffioen Plants:


Is this a Sollinea®?

Sollinea® is always(!) recognisable by the branding/packaging.


Interested in growing Sollinea®?

Please contact your Area Export Manager or mail to


Interested in testing or selling Sollinea® as a retailer, garden centre or do you have another shop?

Please contact our Market Manager Nick Nieuwesteeg or mail to


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