With a name like ‘Showmakers’®, you’d better have something to show for it. If you ask us, this double-flowered aster series really steals the show. No wonder there’s a peacock on its logo. Its packed-with-petals flowers in blues and violets make it a real eye-catcher. On its own in a large pot for the terrace or in combination with other plants.

The `Showmakers’® is a real diva. With the proper attention and care, we can guarantee you a plant with a beautiful, long-lasting flower display: a plant that meets the high standards for quality that we at Royal Van Zanten set for our products.

What make Showmakers® plants so special are their large double flowers, compact habit and beautifully contrasting dark leaves.  The series consists of varieties in six different colours ranging from blue to purple to white.

In short, Showmakers® series steals the show anywhere!


  • They like a place in the sun with a little shade now and then. In a really sunny position, however, they will need a bit more water than when placed in the shade. So, in this case, water them regularly.
  • It’s important to avoid that water remains in the pot, since they really dislike having ‘wet feet’.
  • If you want to enjoy your plant even longer and see even more flowers appear, remove faded flowers on a regular basis.