Bubbling colours, compact shapes, steady growth and together they form a real family. Their names refer to fruity milkshake flavours and they certainly catch your eye with their deep and richly coloured hearts.

Available in 5 different flavours:

  • Milkshake® Coconut, 12cm
  • Milkshake® Banana, 12cm
  • Milkshake® Papaya, 12cm
  • Milkshake® Raspberry, 12cm
  • Milkshake® Cherry, 12cm


Milkshake garden mum

Why choose Milkshake®?

  • Sustainable choice as no growth regulators are used.
  • The compact shape allows you and your customers to save transport costs.
  • The many flowers open one by one. This means you have a longer sales window and consumers can enjoy their flowers for a longer time.


Milkshake garden mum

Key features of the Milkshake® range are:

  • All colours have an equal growth cycle giving you uniform plants that flower simultaneously.
  • Very fast reaction time of only 6 weeks.
  • Easy to handle and pack due to their flexible shape.
  • Save on transport costs due to their compact shape.
  • You can grow them up to pot size 14-15cm.
  • Great shelf life and beautiful and even flowering for consumers.


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