Chic®. The new white

Real beauty starts with a good base.

Discover the pure white of CHIC. Distinctive through the eye-catching combination of snow white petals contrasting with a fresh, bright green centre. CHIC is classy, modern and an absolute “value for money” spray chrysanthemum that should not be missing in your product range. The flowers retain their charm for a long period of time due to their superb transportability and outstanding vase life.

Their excellent dyeability gives CHIC an extra advantage: flowers in unusual colours means endless variety and a quick way to respond to trends. CHIC, a strong fundament for versatility: 

  • Fresh, bright green centre
  • No petal shedding
  • Excellent transportability/vase life
  • Superb bouquet filler
  • Excellent dyeability

Once seen and experienced, you will be convinced!