Celosia ‘Wild’

‘WILD’, the first sustainable celosia

It sounds already so cool and crazy: ‘WILD’ Celosia. And it is an exciting pot plant that precisely is what the name suggests: a pure, uninhibited, and untamed celosia. Just as it would grow in nature.

Celosia ‘WILD’ Pink is a great example of one Royal Van Zanten’s little sustainable steps that emphasize the role of a breeder and grower in a greener future for horticulture: maximum pleasure and minimum footprint. No growth regulators, just pure nature!

Selected for their suitability for gardens, borders and pots, they guarantee a splash of colour in every garden. This pure power is accompanied by variations in colour and size with each individual plant, that further underline the natural feel.

This must-have celosia is available in pot size 19cm, a perfect size for immediately creating something beautiful. For other pot sizes please contact the grower.

‘Wild Celosia: Pure Nature.’


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