Bellevardia ®

How did it happen that a plant was named after a famous personal physician to the court of Louis XIII in the seventeenth century? Why was this plant so highly appreciated in the Jardin du Paris, the famous botanical gardens near Paris co-founded by this very same physician, Charles Bouvard? Had the court’s physician fallen in love with the typically delicate, petite flowers of this native South American plant? Or was it because this plant – the Bouvardia – retained its beauty for so long without requiring much care? By now, who can tell?

What we definitely do know, however, is that the Bouvardia is at its most beautiful from May to October. And, so pretty is the Bouvardia series developed by Royal Van Zanten that we named it ‘Bellevardia’.

Throughout its lengthy flowering period, each variety in our Bellevardia® series produces gorgeous clusters of characteristic small flowers in one of a range of bright colours. Bellevardia® guarantees to add a touch of charm (sweet, happy, delicate) to your living room.

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