Virgin Queen: dazzling white Alstroemeria with XXL flowers

7 Jun 2021

Virgin Queen: dazzling white Alstroemeria with XXL flowers

Just how innovative can white Alstroemeria flowers be? Royal van Zanten and Decorum grower Together2Grow will introduce Alstroemeria Virgin Queen in week 23! This variety is both innovative and surprising thanks to its intense white colour and especially the XXL size of its flowers. This combination makes Virgin Queen incredibly attractive and versatile.

Dazzling white

For florists, Virgin Queen is a flower that they can use in many different ways┬áthroughout the seasons. Virgin Queen works really well in fresh mono bouquets and radiant white bridal work, for example, but also in cheerful trendy (picking) bouquets. The intense white, large flowers really highlight other flowers, like a white canvas. Even just a single stem in a tall vase is a feast for the eyes that can be enjoyed for a long time. Virgin Queen’s flower, branch and leaf quality are all excellent.


Alstroemeria Virgin Queen will soon be widely available. Starting in week 23, the Together2Grow nursery will provide the first supply to Royal FloraHolland in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk: 5,000 stems in total per week.

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