Together against loneliness

9 Apr 2020


The Dutch horticultural sector has been hit hard by the Corona crisis, despite all the setbacks, they want to make a difference and inspire others not to sit down but take action.

In recent days, a large number of parties from the horticultural sector have teamed up to take action against loneliness.

In collaboration with rapper Ali B, (a famous Dutch Artist) a total of 150.000 colorful bouquets will be handed out at all care homes (2384 in total)  in the Netherlands on Thursday 9 April and Friday 10 April, through home care organizations to the single lonely people at home.

Especially now these people are even more alone than usual. “loneliness has never come so close” according to Ali B.

Also the florists and other outlets are not forgotten either.

It ensures that they can connect with this campaign and benefit from all (media) attention by inciting the consumer to buy flowers. The promotion will be linked to the recently introduced promotion action of the Flower Council of Holland ‘Let Hope Bloom’.

Through the cooperation with Ali B. national promotional support can be realized by making use of  his fame and contacts in the media world.

Last Saturday the action kicked off to a flying start when Ali B. and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Health, Welfare and Sport) were able to reach various media with their flower message.

Not only national but also local promotion is realized because in most municipalities the mayors are going to arrange a small party at the moment the flowers are handed out.

On both days, approximately 250 trucks will deliver the flowers at the various delivery points.

All of us are trying to create the widest possible support and thus ensure that all these beautiful flowers and plants find their way to the consumer.

As our King during his recent speech pointed out : “we cannot stop the coronavirus, the loneliness virus we can!”

Keep a close eye on the various media (online & offline) in the coming days to follow this action.

Do you know someone who is lonely and/or can receive a visit, buy a beautiful bouquet or plant and bring it along.


Together against loneliness, right now!



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