Social impact: an important motive for Royal Van Zanten

26 Jul 2018

A breeder’s corporate social responsibility in practice in Uganda

For its employees, breeding company Royal Van Zanten is a true pioneer in the field of human capital. Having been presented with the Silver Award for Export Companies last year, and with its wide range of social facilities, this employer is an important pillar in Ugandan society in the regions where its production locations operate. In addition to providing fair wages (which is actually inspiring other employers), the organisation is investing in healthcare, transport and training for its employees.

Great appeal as an employer

In addition to the high quality of the cuttings it produces, this breeder is committed to enhancing the strength of the local community. Jan Willem de Putter, Managing Director, Uganda: ‘We offer our employees a wide range of social facilities. Good examples are the childcare services provided at our locations during work hours and a transport system that collects employees and returns them to their homes. Both give our employees a lot of peace of mind.’ For the employer, the reason for this is crystal clear. ‘We want to see both a flourishing organisation and a flourishing community.’ Royal Van Zanten takes the care of its people seriously, and this is making the company an attractive employer.


A safe environment

The breeder also facilitates healthcare for its employees – they are insured for incidents that occur both at work and at home – and a safe work environment. The climate at these production locations is one of dedication to the needs of its people: the employer invests time in its employees by listening and devoting attention to complaints. By doing so, this cutting producer is taking on a pioneering role within the work climate of Uganda.


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