Skyfall® landed in Moskou

3 Aug 2018

The hanging baskets of the Multiflora series Skyfall are already available in the Ducth market for several weeks, but now the supply of Skyfall in Moscow – Russia has also started. Potted plant grower Boris Khaustov (one of the premier potted plant growers in the region) already has 3 years of experience with the various Multiflora varieties from Royal Van Zanten and know what he is doing.

Besides Skyfall Boris also grows Amadore, Paradiso and a wide arrange of other varieties from the Multiflora assortment which were shown to colleagues and customers during the open day held earlier this week (see pictures below). The market for Multiflora and Potted Chrysanthemum in Russia is increasing step by step as growers build their knowledge of the crop and customers experience the local quality of the plants.


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