Sjoukje Heimovaara is leaving Royal Van Zanten

11 Sep 2019

Our CEO, Sjoukje Heimovaara, has indicated that she is leaving Royal Van Zanten.

After working as R&D director for 14 years, Sjoukje took on the role of CEO 2 years ago. During that time, she has been fully committed to prepare Royal Van Zanten for the future.

Recently, discussions have been held about the distribution of roles between her as director and Nimbus as an investor with hands-on involvement. As a result of the difference of opinion that came to the fore during those discussions, they have decided in good consultation that Sjoukje will resign from her post as CEO and General Director of Royal Van Zanten and Van Zanten Breeding with immediate effect, and will thereby leave the company.

Her role will temporarily be fulfilled by a team from Nimbus, the investor behind Royal Van Zanten.

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