Celebrating 10 years Saba

21 Nov 2018

Saba, one of the best Chrysanthemum from Royal Van Zanten

With her green heart, purple inner shade and sharp, white outlines, spray chrysanthemum Saba is an eye-catching flower and a florist’ favourite. It has been ten years ago since this unique, two-tone spray chrysanthemum was commercially available for the first time. Thanks to the passionate growers and enthusiastic wholesalers, Saba has been a hit ever since and a must have must have in everyone’s product range. That’s well worth celebrating!

The Saba Chrysanthemum is a versatile flower; whilst stunning on her own with her many flowers per stem, she also works well in a bouquet. Because of her striking pattern, the Saba stands out. Her three colours make it easy to combine her with other flowers. Whether you emphasize her green heart by combining the Saba with foliage only or make her purple pop in an otherwise white bouquet, she will be radiant!

So, she’s got the looks, but she’s strong as well! This tough cookie makes florists’ lives easier as she is suitable for all kinds of purposes.  In a bouquet obviously, but in flower arrangements as well. Saba thrives in floral foam, but she even tolerates dry usage. When cold glue is applied generously on the stem of each flowerhead, the Saba will stay her pretty little self for at least 48 hours.

There you go; a strong beauty that hasn’t aged a bit.

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