Royal van Zanten:
New FSI member

19 Feb 2018

As a dutch breeder with international presence on all continents, we take our social and environmental responsibility very seriously. As new FSI member, we are committed to reducing the use of crop protection chemicals and for this reason, are focusing on breeding varieties that are resistant to plant diseases. We are also committed to good citizenship in every country in which we work, ensuring that local communities can benefit from their success and workers are given opportunities to grow and take up management positions.

Floriculture Sustainability Initiative
The Floriculture Sustainability Initiative was founded in 2012 and brings together over 40 front runners from the floriculture sector. They share the goal of finding more sustainable solutions on both social and environmental aspects for the future of the sector, and set themselves the ambition to have 90% flowers and plants responsibly produced and traded by 2020.

To achieve the FSI ambition, a two-way approach has been defined, combining:
1. The commitment of the members, who use the FSI Equivalency Tool, Basket of Standards and measuring to stimulate and increase traded volumes from responsible sources of production towards 90%. FSI members report on their aggregate volume of sustainably produced and traded flowers and plants.
2. The engagement of the supply chain, to adopt a project approach towards improving practices on key sustainability topics, stimulating improvements and communicating results across the sector.

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